Is the Trout Pout avoidable?

You’d be forgiven to think that the trout pout is in fashion. Everywhere we look, whether it’s on social media, television or magazines, we see these large lips (with their own capital city) starring back at us. They enter the room before the rest of the face. They may even have their own heartbeat. Well actually, it’s not the size of the lips but the way they sit on the face that decides whether they are aesthetically pleasing or not.

Many people scroll through before and after images on social media and become mesmerised by the amazing transformation of these pencil-thin lips to become lips that even Angelina Jolie would envy. What we don’t realise is that when we look at something in two dimensions, it can look very different in the three-dimensional view. How natural the lips look is dependant on how it relates to its surrounding structures and how it moves with speech.

To fully understand this, let’s look at the science behind the most attractive lips. In nature, there is a well-known ratio called the “Golden ratio” or “divine proportion” or “phi”. Throughout nature and art, there is a strong correlation between the golden ratio and beauty. It also represents the natural law of creation, and as humans, we seem to have an innate attraction to this ratio. Numerous studies have revealed that the perfect lip proportion is a ratio of 1:1.6 or 1:2. This means that the bottom lip should be 1.6 - 2 times larger than the top lip. The top lip should also protrude out 1.6 times more than the bottom when viewed from the side.

Another component of natural lips is its natural taper. Overfilled lips eventually become like a filled sausage. That is, it has the same volume throughout. Natural lips taper towards the corners. Filling the lips equally from right to left or trying to increase the volume of the outermost part of the lips will give that instant impression of fake lips.

Finally, one of the worst results of lip fillers is what got it the “trout pout” name in the first place. This occurs when there is too much filler placed along the upper lip border to try to get it to volumise or to flip out. When we add product to any area, it inadvertently affects adjacent regions. The end result is a big upper lip but also a protruded mouth with a full ski slope on top of it. Not only does this look unattractive, but it also causes the lips to move in a peculiarly outward manner when talking.

In my practice, the number one request from my lip filler patients is to give them natural-looking lips. Very rarely does a patient want to sacrifice a natural result for bigger lips. Achieving beautiful results with lip fillers are not only possible, but expected if the correct techniques are used, and the natural proportions of the lips are respected. The process sounds all very technical and specific. However, good cosmetic injectors do not need to use a ruler or calculator to achieve the ideal proportions. Just like a gifted chef does not need to measure all his ingredients, skilled cosmetic practitioners can achieve the aesthetic goal by having a thorough understanding of the lips and its relationship with the adjacent structures.

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