An Overview of Vaginal Tightening Treatment

A woman’s body experiences a lot of changes from adolescence to old age, and the vagina as an essential organ faces the consequences most significantly. Pregnancy, childbirth, and natural ageing tend to make the internal tissue of the vagina weak and loose. The external vulva tissue stretches and leads to a condition called Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. It tends to affect women between 30-40 years of age. Due to a persistent decline in collagen production, the vaginal wall gradually turns into thin, dry and frail lining from a spongy, strong, lubricated lining. The condition accompanies urinary incontinence, mild prolapse and perineal scarring etc.

No matter if you experience such symptoms or you just want to maintain the youthful appearance of your vagina, the procedures of vaginal tightening treatment in Melbourne may be suitable for you.

There are three different procedures that we offer at Appearance Clinic Australia.

Lotus Gynolaser

The Lotus Gynolaser is a treatment that allows cosmetic doctors to improve the symptoms of aging and atrophy of the vagina. This is a non-surgical treatment which involves minimal downtime and side effects. The laser generates heat to cause contraction of collagen fibre and stimulation of neocollagenesis. This process accelerates the elastin and collagen production in the walls of the vagina.

Typically vaginal tightening treatment with the laser takes 3 sessions and 10-15 minutes for each session to be performed. It may take one month to show full results as it is a gradual process of collagen-building. Generally, you will need you to undergo a maintenance treatment with an interval of 12 months.

Bio-identical growth factor treatment

This is another vaginal tightening treatment in Melbourne which is also safe and effective. The process utilises a special growth factor concentrate which is one hundred percent identical to the human growth factors that your body generates. It stimulates vaginal regeneration by directing the tissue to grow healthy vaginal tissue. Unlike Platelet Rich Plasma, it does not require any uncomfortable venapuncture and does not require lengthy processing time. The patient often experiences zero to little discomfort during the treatment but the downtime is similar to the laser treatment.

Emsella Chair Treatment

The Emsella Chair is a new and revolutionary treatment. This treatment is exceptionally safe, utilising electromagnetic energy to stimulate an intense workout of the pelvic floor muscles. The treatment takes less than half an hour, and you remain fully clothed the entire time. This treatment helps tighten the vagina by improving the support from the pelvic floor muscles.

Benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments

  • Non-surgical procedure that is comfortable for the patients
  • Treatments are quick and comfortable
  • Zero downtime
  • Highly effective and safe

With the advancement in technology, there are many non-surgical options to help with the problem of vaginal laxity that most women will come to experience. It is important to speak to your GP about your symptoms first. If a non-surgical management is recommended, please come and see us at Appearance Clinic Australia for a complimentary consultation to discuss see how we can help.


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