Hydro-Marin Cream


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A re-balancing day cream formulated to visibly strengthen and fortify the appearance of ageing and environmentally dehydrated skin. Visibly repairs the skin whilst promoting intense hydration and a renewed, more supple complexion.

  • Dr. Spiller exclusive
    HY-TEC™ Emulsion System
  • Biomimetically replicates the skin’s own natural barrier function for moisture protection from environmental drying.
  • NMF replicates (sea salt and lactic acid)
  • Bind water for potent hydration.
  • Barrier function replicates (botanical oils, lanolin).
  • Reduce TEWL for increased hydration efficacy and moisture protection.
  • Marine Complex (laminar algae and sea salt)
  • Visibly repairing and hydrating effect to normalise the skin’s complexion.
  • Essential oil complex
  • Simultaneously refreshes, stimulates and awakens the appearance of fatigued-looking skin.


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